Meet the founding team

Driven by a passion for innovation, we are a tech-first team of entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds ranging from Machine learning, to Consulting and Wealth Management.

Eden Ovadia headshot, co-founder of FINNY AI

Eden OvadiA, Co-Founder

Eden is originally from Montreal, where she received a Software Engineering degree from McGill University, specializing in Machine Learning.While at McGill, she worked at EY and KPMG as a Cyber Security Advisory Associate. Upon graduation, Eden joined BCG NYC, where she primarily worked in the Tech, Financial Institutions & Private Equity practices for over 2 years.

Victoria Toli headshot co-founder

Victoria Toli, Co-founder

Victoria grew up in Greece, and came to the United States to attend Stanford, where she studied Symbolic Systems with a focus in Artificial intelligence. Prior to starting FINNY, Victoria was a Product Manager at Uber, leading membership growth for Uber One. Victoria is also a Kleiner Perkins Fellow and a published author, on Greece's contribution to Math.

Theodore Janson headshot

Theodore Janson,

Theo holds a Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence from Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, and a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Math from McGill University. During his studies, Theo held research roles in high-energy physics and explainable Machine Learning. Prior to starting Finny, he worked as a machine learning engineer at an early Fintech startup.

Dimitri rogÉ,

Originally from France, Dimitri holds a Master's degree in IT Architecture. Prior to joining FINNY, he worked at Ubisoft, serving as the lead developer on the game server of "Just Dance". He is passionate about low-level programming, with expertise in C++. Additionally, he has built applications from the ground up, covering anything from design, architecture to containerization, reaching millions of users.

Meet our strategic advisory board

More than 30 advisors have trusted us to make their lives simpler, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We have formed a close circle of industry experts to help ensure FINNY's excellence.

Joe Moss Headshot

Joe Moss,
founder of proadvisorsuite

Joe is the Founder of ProAdvisorSuite and the new Curator of the Conneqtor community.  In his day-to-day, you’ll find Joe posting on LinkedIn, scheduling tech demos, talking with advisors about their tech stack, and promoting community and innovation in the advisortech space.

"Let's face it, the traditional prospecting processes are time-consuming, manual, and often yield limited success. The age-old approach of casting a wide net and hoping for a few conversions just isn't working anymore. FINNY is solving this problem by taking the guesswork out of prospecting and allowing wealth managers to focus on what they do best - building relationships."

Gianna Parella headshot

gianna parella,
VP at MERCHant

Gianna Parella is a Vice President at Merchant Wealth Partners, which is a growth equity investor in the wealth management space. She focuses on investment due diligence and portfolio management, working side by side with our biggest platforms to help them grow. Prior to joining Merchant, she was a consultant at Accenture. She graduated from MIT in 2017.  

"I am excited about Finny because I think it will provide our partner firms with a new, unique channel for client acquisition that will accelerate growth."

Kevin Reed headshot

Kevin Reed,
Global LEad at Morningstar

As Global Head of Channels and Partnerships at Morningstar, Kevin leads a team that evaluates and implements strategic relationships between Morningstar and third parties. Prior to joining Morningstar, he built a new business partnerships unit for Merrill Lynch, launching both internal and external partnerships that generated significant new AUM for Merrill advisors.

"I love that Finny leverages AI and data to solve the single most important challenge for financial advisors. Wealth Management firms continue to struggle with organic growth in a post-cold-calling world. Finny drives growth by identifying prospects that are most likely to want to work with a specific advisor based on their unique personal and professional background, and then does all the pre-work to make a warm connection for the advisor."

Caitlyn Driehost

Caitlyn Driehorst,

Caitlyn is the Founding Advisor & CEOof RightWise Wealth, an RIA innovating future-of-work career paths in wealth management and client acquisition channels. Her professional experience includes strategy roles at OpenInvest (a YC startup acquired by J.P. Morgan),Capital Group American Funds, and the Boston Consulting Group's financial services practice.

"I'm excited to work with Finny as it takes on one of the most existential challenges in wealth management --organic growth -- with modern AI tools and "big data" methods more classically mastered by consumer industries."